Cafeteria Furniture

For a quick bite, refreshing coffee or a long break, the cafeteria offers a convenient and comfortable space. The cafeteria at schools, offices, and hospitals serve a different purpose than just providing a dining space. School and office cafeteria often host un-official meetings and small get-togethers like birthday parties. Hence, it is important to add spacious, comfortable and easy to move furniture in the cafeteria, like a yellow round table, wooden chairs or a small cushion couch! Furniture lounge offers a range of cafeteria furniture comfortable and suitable for both small and large spaces. Our furniture solutions provide comfort, size, shape, and ease of use. We offer a range of robust wooden, metal, plywood, plastic, and MDF furniture. The color, material, and shape of furniture are carefully picked to add the jaunty or soothing vibes in the cafeteria.

Office Furniture

The comfort of chair and desk play important role in employee’s productivity. People spend over 9-10 hours at the office, sitting and working in almost the same position. Office furniture at Furniture Lounge provides a comfortable working space for your employees. Every furniture piece is made of high-quality raw material and guarantees the comfort, flexibility, strength, and durability. The meeting tables at conference rooms are designed to occupy a small or large group of people comfortably. We understand that working for hours in the same position can strain the body. People working on computers often suffer from vision issues like eye irritation. The office chair and office desk are designed as per the industry standards with suitable dimensions, which provide enough height, distance and visual angle from the computer.

Dining Table

A dining table is more than just an eating space or meeting point for friends and family. It is a focal point in the house. A dining table can be an expensive investment, so make sure to choose only the best. Furniture Lounge brings you the extensive range of dining table. Every furniture set is designed and manufactured by expert team ensuring the comfort, style, quality, and durability. We offer a wide range of wooden, glass, metal and plywood dining table. The design, material, color, and style are carefully selected to blend in your home theme and serve the purpose of hosting enough guests at the dining table. Choose from the rectangular, square, circle, and oval-shaped dining table and chair set at affordable prices at Furniture Lounge.


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Office Chair

Employees at office work 9-10 hours a day without changing a sitting position. The office chair is specially designed to provide comfort and flexibility while working. At Furniture Lounge, we supply a range of office chairs specially designed to provide comfort, flexibility, and ease of use. Most people at office suffer from back and neck pain just because of low-quality chairs. A good quality chair will not only save your back but improve blood circulation and productivity.

Wooden Bed

A good night's sleep brings a cheerful morning. We know that how much a night’s rest is important. That’s why we unveil a range of wooden beds and mattresses suitable to your needs. A wooden bed is manufactured using high-quality wood and raw material and is sturdy, spacious, and functional. As per your need, we offer different types of wooden beds such as bunk beds, sofa bed, children’s bed, beds with slat etc. Wooden beds at Furniture Lounge, feature an attractive design and offer a storage space as per your need.

Centre Table

The living room is a cordial space and gathering point for friends and family. A center table or a coffee table adds an elegant look and blend in the theme perfectly while offering a space to study and serve snacks and drinks. We at Furniture Lounge, offer a wide range of centre table and coffee table with different style, shape, size, material, and function.

Wooden Wardrobe

The wardrobe is an essential part of the bedroom. Buying a wardrobe can take hours, what size to buy, single wardrobe or double? How to buy a wardrobe to match bedroom style? Furniture Lounge has an answer to your every wardrobe issue. We offer a range of wooden wardrobe to fulfill your wardrobe needs. We have the state-of-art technology and a team of creative experts who design aesthetic, sturdy and highly functional wooden wardrobes perfect for small or large spaces.

Kids Table & Chair

Kids are always buzzing with energy and excitement. They are always in action so are their little tables and chairs. From homework to drawing and playing dough, kids table & chair are involved in the day around activities. Kid’s furniture is a center point of their important activities providing space to study and play. Hence, kid’s furniture should be sturdy, safe and stylish.

Steel Almirah

Almirah is an extensive furniture piece in the home. A messy room often needs almirah to help to store and organize the stuff and make the room tidy and clean within minutes! Many people use steel almirah as a safe to keep some jewelry and cash safe at home. We understand the need for sturdy and spacious steel almirah.

Outdoor & Garden Furniture

Outdoor & garden furniture turn outdoor spaces like garden, backyard, and patio into a perfect gathering point for family and friends and an easy-to-access dining space. Being outdoors in almost every season outdoor and patio furniture has to suffer wear and tear of the rough weather. Furniture Lounge offers a range of outdoor & garden furniture specially designed keeping in mind the mood change of Indian seasons.